Compliments and Complaints

We like to hear from those who we provide service to – if you are happy with your services, have found our staff friendly and helpful and feel that we are helping you reach your goals, we would like to know what we are doing well so we can make sure we keep heading in the right direction. If there are areas we could improve, we most definitely would like to hear from you as we are always aiming to improve out service

You have the right to raise any complaints about the services that you receive without fear of retribution. We will endeavour to deal with your complaints in a fair and prompt manner, using our Feedback and Complaints Policy. Your complaints will.

How to Make a Complaint to Our Organisation be kept confidential.

Service Users can raise complaints in any format; written (using the Feedback Form provided) or verbal; via correspondence, email, in person or over the phone.

The way in which a complaint is raised in no way influences the priority or seriousness with which the complaint is treated.

Complaints can be raised with any staff member – it is the staff member’s responsibility to ensure the matter is dealt with according to the requirements of this procedure.

We accept anonymous complaints and will investigate as far as possible. Anonymous complaints will be treated with the same priority as other complaints.

Where a Service User raises an issue but wishes to remain anonymous throughout the process, the complainant will be encouraged to include as much information as possible to allow the matter to be investigated sufficiently and to ensure that a resolution can occur.

A formal complaint can be made in writing to the Executive Manager Community and Culture, Uralla Shire Council, PO Box 48 Uralla, NSW 2358. You will receive a response to your complaint within 12 working days.

How to Make a Complaint to an External Body

You can make a complaint to an independent body such as:

Aged Care Clients:

Aged Care Complaints Scheme – 1800 550 552

Disability Clients:

The Community Services Division of NSW Ombudsman – 1800 451 524

Human Right & Equal Opportunity Commission – 1300 656 419

National Disability Insurance Agency – 1800 800 110

If you require assistance with preparing, or writing your complaint, please let us know and we will assist you, or find external assistance.