Are you a carer in need of support?

We have a number of carer programs for carers of  people with dementia and for older families throughout the New England and North West.

Would you like a break on a regular basis or a one off basis?

What we can offer:

  • Recreational and Leisure Activities: Fishing, Picnics, Ten Pin, Art and Craft, cultural community event etc.
  • Community Access: Visits to local attractions such as the Library & Art Gallery, Shopping and Environmental
  • Dementia Respite Group


  • Health and wellbeing: Gyms, Walking, Tai Chi and Hydrotherapy
  • Computer Skills
  • Independent Living Skills: Cooking, Personal Care, Gardening and Domestic Duties

Groups – The Dementia Respite Group is designed to provide respite and support for people caring for someone with dementia. The carer may live with the care recipient or could be a family member or friend which is involved in the care of that person. The client will be taken out to undertake structured activities and outings within the local area. These outings and activities aim at encouraging, maintaining and fostering relationships between clients and their local community.

Individual services – The service should reflect the needs of the carer and support them in their caring role. Services will provide opportunities for the carer to have time out. Service provided can include taking the care recipient out or supporting the care recipient at home or at the day centre, while the carer goes out. This could include domestic assistance and/or assisting the care recipient with their personal care.

All referrals taken by the care coordinator will collect information primarily on the care recipient.

Referrals may be made directly by personally visiting the office, by phone, email or fax. Referrals are also accepted from family &friends, other community groups, Community Care meetings, and, Aboriginal Medical Centres, GPs and other community care providers. Should the request for service come directly from anyone other than the carer themselves, we request that they have the permission of the carer to make the referral on their behalf.

Uralla Community Supports employs Care Coordinators who assess carer’s needs in their homes, providing information on services we can offer and other services available in the community. They identify the carer’s goals, develop a care plan and provide a formal contract with each carer. They also visit the care recipient’s home if not living in the same home to meet the care recipient.

The Care Coordinator regularly meets with each carer so as any changing needs can be responded to in a timely manner to ensure the respite provided is continuing to meet the carer’s ongoing goals.

Tablelands Community Support employ their own skilled staff.

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