Who is able to access KADS services in Tamworth?

If you are an Aboriginal person over the age of 50 years or their carer, we can help you. Staff are always available to assist you with any enquires that you may have regarding your continued independence living at home.

Please feel free to contact Kamilaroi Ageing and Disability Services staff on 5776 5000 or click on the button below to see more information about what is available in your area

Tamworth Elders Social Support Group

The social support group in Tamworth brings together the Elders from their communities to share a meal, friendship, discussions, Active healthy activities and outings.

Transport can be arranged for people wishing to access this service. A small fee will be negotiated for the service.

To find out more information about Tamworth Elders, please call:    Brigette Knox  57765000


Tamworth Elders Day Centre

Contact Information

  • Address: 28 Anne St, Tamworth
  • Postal Address: PO Box 263 Tamworth NSW 2340
  • Phone: 5776 5000
  • Fax: 6766 9722
  • Email: info@kads.net.au